Shortcut to Slim Season 2 is coming back August 6th!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

The ‘must-listen’ research podcast on dieting and nutrition is back!

Shortcut to Slim season 2 starts Sunday, August 6th

With a new episode every week!

Get ready to learn all about neuroscience, your brain, environmental triggers, and the incredible psychology behind why we eat, overeat, binge, plateau, and sabotage ourselves this season.

Catch Season 1’s updates right here. 

My 3-year weight-loss update (episode 12) is now.

Here’s a teaser of what you can expect:

Episode 1: The Psychological and Physical Differences Between Fasting and Caloric Restriction

Episode 2: Why it is that even when we know what to do, we still don’t do it? Here’s how to be successful without Saturday sabotage.

Episode 3: The new science of mindsets

Episode 4: Can you be healthy and obese? What really motivates us? Do warnings deter bad behavior or drive you towards it?

...And so much more!

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