15 healthy vegan meals each under 15 minutes

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

OMG the longest cook time this week is the Vegan Pasta Carbonara.

15 minutes ‘cuz that’s how long it takes to boil pasta:

Although if you soak pasta in water all day it boils in 1 minute…

This week is fancy meets fast, fast, fast.

Hawaiian Sliders 6 ingredients, 5 minutes to cook. Aloha!

Hawaiian Sliders

Bruschetta Flatbread amazing warm, cold, or as a lunch wrap.

Bangkok Tacos just whisk the peanut sauce and heat!

Bangkok Tacos


Live STEP-BY-STEP video this Sunday.

From prepping to portions!

Using this exact meal plan.

This will be the most in-depth training video EVER

and it’s LIVE!!!! (so you can ask questions).

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We’ll batch cook together on Sunday.

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I’ll be making the above pictured recipes: Pasta Carbonara, Bangkok Tacos, Bruschetta Flatbread & Hawaiian Sliders.

You can make all of these or just 2-3 of them.

This is going to be so much fun!

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