Herbie of the Week: Rosemarie (no longer on meds, sleeps through the night, and built a support network)

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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Rosemarie!

Rosemarie has always had a passion for food and cooking, but the Standard American Diet started affecting her health. She developed high blood pressure and had to start prescription medication. A friend introduced her to the plant-based lifestyle, and she started using the Meal Mentor meal plans. She has since lost 30 pounds and is off her blood pressure meds!

Here's Rosemarie's story in her own words...

At my age, I thought I had tried it all. I am a young 63, and always been a foodie, love gourmet cooking and eating out. So butter and cream and all that rich food were always my passion. I was well known to my friends and family as a great cook and could master any dish they wanted. Then I developed high blood pressure, became overweight, and woke up at least 3 times a night to, well you know.

I was at my highest weight ever, walking up a flight of stairs was leaving me huffing and puffing. The doctor put me on high blood pressure meds, and I felt like I was in a downward spiral.

One day a friend from work said Whole Foods is doing a 28 day challenge would I go with her? Sure why not, but there are certain foods I refused to give up. The ones that are healthy for you!

So the first meeting was super interesting, but I didn't quite buy in yet, then the next week Rip Esselstyn came and spoke and shared his story and book, The Engine 2 Diet. I challenged him on Olive Oil, because I am Italian, and no Italian would ever consider cooking with out olive oil. He explained oils (all oils) and how our bodies don't need them, and they are empty calories with no nutritional value. That had me convinced, I could try this for 28 days. So my first month I lost 10 lbs., and started feeling better. As time went on, I had very little support, didn't really know of any experts or where to turn to for support.

One day I decided to go to a bookstore and see if there were any books I could use that would not just be vegan, but plant-based and oil-free. That's where I found Lindsay Nixon and her incredible Happy Herbivore books. I bought one and could not wait to try it and find her online. Once I found her site and the batch cooking videos, I was certain I could follow through and adopt this lifestyle change.

I attended one of Rip's 2 day seminars where I was able to hear from doctors and chefs. Having that and being able to learn the batch cooking has truly made this extremely doable. After finding the Happy Herbivore site, and reading the Happy Herbivore cookbooks, I found the batch cooking videos and joined Meal Mentor which really changed the complexity of the lifestyle to something simple and easy to do. I now teach friends how to batch cook and recommend your site to everyone who asks. I never miss a week of my downloads and the recipes are super easy to follow and delicious.

I have started coaching friends on batch cooking and on the importance of no oil, sugar, or salt. I have been able to help a number of my friends. I have one friend with rheumatoid arthritis, who after 9 days, could snap her fingers, something she hasn't done in 10 years. We batch cook together on Saturday mornings and have our food ready for the week. I am happy to report I am down 30 lbs., no longer on meds, sleep through the night, and have encouraging friends all over the country.

Thank you Lindsay for your help and encouragement.

Thank you so much Rosemarie for sharing your plant-based journey with us!

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