Have Potato. Will Travel - Summer Contest

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

In case you missed it...

On Memorial Day I posted this on Facebook:

Caption reads: Have potato. Will travel. The security guy gave me a weird look but whatever :P (snowboarding, planes, opera, baseball... Where will I take a potato next?)

And it got me thinking! (Thx Michele!!!)

Travelocity has that gnome and WE HAVE THE POTATO.

To encourage good choices this holiday weekend (and to keep pulling my weight as the official potato spokesperson -- haha)...



Let's see ALL the places the potato will go...

I'll be giving away books, potato pockets (seriously, every self-respecting potato lover needs one of those) and other loot all summer to fellow potato heads.

BEST of all!This practice reminds each of us:

#1 I'm not there for the food.
(I'm here for the experience, memories, enjoy time with friends + family.)

#2 Simple is good too. (Not every meal has to be a feast.)

#3 I can always have a healthy choice.

#4 Potatoes are incredibly versatile.

#5 Potatoes are AWESOME and satisfying.

#6 Man can live on potatoes. (For real, yo!)

#7 You can get a baked potato anywhere (when you forget)!

#8 This community is freakin' awesome. POTATO PARTY!

For a chance to win follow @happyherbivore on Instagram & post a pic of your potato with the hashtag #HavePotatoWillTravel (and tag @happyherbivore so I see it)! If you don't Instagram, you can post on HH's Facebook wall.

Here are some examples:

Potato at the opera

Potato while snowboarding

Potato in my potato express while waiting for a friend

Stacy literally traveled with her potato on a plane!

Adrienne packed her taters to power through weekend errands!

This is a new movement folks, power to the POTATO!

Don't hate, Potate :P

I can't wait to see all your potato pics!

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