Mini Detox Meal Plan + 2015 Review + What's Next (NEWS!!)

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Soo I’ve been secretly working on a big surprise for you…

A mini 2016 detox meal plan (with 16 new recipes!)


This special 3-day plan is for peeps who want a POWER reboot post-festivities.

A quick flush after too many sweets, drinks, massive holiday meals...


Great start to 2016, right?

Become a member and get instant access to the 3-5 day Refresh now.

This plan makes it so much easier to get back on track and rock your resolutions.

And keep your noisemaker warm because here’s a list of other 2016 features:

  • Exclusive (FREE!) bonus Happy Herbivore recipe. Each month I’ll be sending a brand new, top notch recipe via the Happy Herbivore newsletter. It’s totally free to join so make sure you’re signed up! The first recipe I’m sending in 2016 is for a cheeze mix (OMG!) and the second is my super secret, sugar-free teriyaki! You can’t get these recipes anywhere else so make sure you’re on the insider list.
  • SEASON 2 of the Meal Mentor Podcast. (Season 1 is FREE on iTunes!)
  • Batch Cooking COURSE. Coming Spring 2016, I’ll have a FREE email video course to teach you how to incorporate batch cooking in your life. There will be multiple levels, from beginner to advanced! You’ll become a Batch Cooking BELIEVER.

PLUS (get ready for all this!) mega-awesome BIG TIME perks coming to members:

  • Access to ALL of your past meal plans instantly (coming soon!)
  • Meal Mentor Web Series (tutorial videos!)
  • Live with Lindsay (Meal Mentor Talk Show) oh yes!
  • Member Contests & Group Challenges
  • Best of 2015 Cookbook (plus one more surprise book too!)

If you’re serious about those 2016 resolutions….

You need the meal mentor community! They will motivate and elevate!

Say YES to all the support and structure you need with food you LOVE.

In closing…

2015 has been a wonderful year, thank you for spending it with me!

I can't wait to see what 2016 brings to all of us :)

At the very least, I know a lot of delicious meals are headed our way!!!

Happy New Year!

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