Short-Term Goals for Long-Term Success Podcast

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon


A new Meal Mentor podcast is up and ready for you!

In this episode Benji (my copilot!) talks about his EPIC weight-loss (135lbs! He’s HALF his size!), and how setting short-term goals was the secret key to his success.

We also talk about the perceptions other people have of your new trim body, vanity sizes at stores, the importance of “progress not perfection”, and what it’s like being plant proud in the deep South.

Benji is also the mastermind behind the Food=Medicine Conference I’m speaking at (along with my parents and one helluva all-star line-up) plus he gives some tips how you can practice outreach in your area.

BTW, use the coupon code “HERBIE” to save $150 off (plus another $100 off if you register before June 15th) I hope to see you there, this conference is going to be STELLAR.

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