Happy Herbivore Week in Review {June 8-12}

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Here's what you missed on Happy Herbivore this week...

After back surgery and having her gallbladder removed by the age of 25, Laura decided it was time to rethink her way of eating. Once she discovered the meal plans, Laura finally realized she COULD eat healthy foods that tasted great! They also helped her lose 40lbs+ and lower her BP! Click here to read her story!

Make mealtime a breeze with this week's time saving meal plan.

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Serve up summertime favorites like BBQ Sweet Potato Sliders (NEW!), Potato Nachos, Mediterranean Cakes (NEW!), PINEAPPLE WHIP! & more!

Pinkberry is offering a vegan (dairy-free), gluten-free and sugar-free mango soft serve!!! It has a really short ingredients list too! Mostly just mango and water!

A new Meal Mentor podcast is up!

In this episode Jennifer (my copilot!) and I talk about the relationship between religion and veganism (it was Jennifer’s faith that brought her to a plant-based diet!) and the importance of being kind to yourself.

Jennifer also talks about parenting little vegheads, how to adapt the meal plan meals to be more kid-friendly, AND she shares her #1 secret key for staying on track! (and what YOU should do more of to succeed!)

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