Are You Up for a Challenge? {Yogivore is Here!}

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

By popular request...


You know those people you see around town, the ones that are always smiling, carefree, in a positive mood? They seem to be immune from feeling stressed, frazzled, angry and anxious?

Always calm, at peace… genuinely happy and satisfied with life?

Complete with a healthy lean body and natural radiance?

Wouldn’t you love to be more like that?

It’s all yours with yogivore!

Yoga + Herbivore -- Balancing your world from the inside out! (and outside in!)

I was a skeptic. A total non-believer. But practicing yoga, even for one minute per day, has totally transformed my life -- making me the person I always wanted to be.

The person I knew I could be...

That yoga body and yoga mind is inside you… waiting to be unwrapped!

Find your balance: Sign-up here and I’ll send you some amazing things to get you started on the path to YOGIVORE right away :)

(Because life is too short not to feel bliss immediately!)

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Sign-up (it’s totally FREE!) and you’ll immediately receive:

  • Your YOGIVORE Starter Pack
  • The top 4 myths about yoga
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  • 13 poses for even the most beginner of beginners
  • VIP pass to 3 weeks of daily challenges, poses, motivation & inspirations
  • Community support

Here’s what you can expect in just 3 weeks:

  • A fun yoga practice that shapes your body (and your mind!)
  • More confidence, clarity, and calmness.
  • Reduction (or total elimination) of aches, pains, and physical discomforts.
  • Less chaos More zen!

...and so much more!

I always knew there were physical benefits to yoga, but I had no idea what it would do for me on an emotional and mental level.

Yogivore will rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Ready to start your transformation?

Sign-up here.

Next, Get a friend on board! Don’t be a bad bestie and let ‘em miss out on this one-time-only Free series! The more yogivores the better the world will be ;)

Deadline for signing up is this Thursday, May 28th!

Community LOVE

I’ll be sharing challenges, motivating manifestos, RECIPES, and special videos via email (so make sure you’re signed up for the special newsletter above), Instagram (both accounts @mealmentor and @happyherbivore) and Twitter -@happyherbivore.

Use the hashtag #yogivore to reach out, find, and connect with other yogivores AND for a chance to win some really cool prizes like yoga mats, water bottles, hoodies and more.

I want to make this new journey for you as fun as possible!

P.S. Here’s why other yogivores have signed up today:

"I've wanted to try for years but am too intimidated to go to a class."-Jayme L

"Absolutely! A reintroduction for those like me who have to start over with a routine and make long term adjustments to my daily health and well being."- Eh L

"Yes please! I'm a beginner, I've tried many times but don't understand this high that everyone talks about. I've never experienced it."- Milia H

"I have been thinking of trying yoga but really have no idea where to start so this is perfect."- Jill N

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