Skinny Doesn't Mean Healthy Podcast

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon


A new Meal Mentor podcast is up and ready for you!

In this episode MJ (my copilot!) shares how being super skinny her entire life didn’t mean she was actually healthy! She also shares the very unconventional way she became vegetarian and how her birds-eye view of the healthcare industry (she supervises daily reports of diseases people have) reinforces her belief that healthcare is self care.

MJ is also a mom, and she talks about raising her daughter vegetarian (but making it work with an omni in the house) and her thoughts on “kid foods.” (I love love LOVE her insight that kids “eat by example”).

We also talk about life as the ONLY vegetarian around and what to do and how to cope when loved ones get super defensive and think you’re nuts-o!

This podcast is a total 180 from all the others -- Amazing to see how we all really are on a different journey, but yet headed to the same destination! All roads lead to plants!

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