Herbie of the Week: Scott (His Eczema & IBS Went Away & He Lost 65lbs!)

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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Scott! (aka Mr Happy Herbivore ;)

With the recent release of the enhanced paperback edition of the Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living (where I share my personal journey of going plant-based), I thought it would be the perfect time to have Scott share his story.

Scott had no intention of going vegan or even vegetarian, but after reading about the environmental consequences of eating meat, it motivated him to take the first step by going vegetarian.

He ultimately decided to go plant-based and what a difference it's made! Not only has he lost 65lbs, his eczema and IBS went away, and he's now a huge proponent of a plant-based diet!

When Lindsay first went vegetarian, I was resistant. She made me watch all those awful PETA videos, hoping to convert me. But I loved my meat, and refused.

Eventually we agreed that we would eat only vegetarian in our home. I was free to eat how I wanted outside of the home, but our home was vegetarian. It seemed like a fair compromise.

But when Lindsay went vegan, things changed. I thought being vegan was just too extreme. I couldn't understand why someone would willingly give up my favorite food: cheese.

She told me how important going vegan was to her, that it really mattered to her, and if I truly loved her, I would support her. I stood firm that I wouldn't change my diet but if this is what Lindsay really wanted, I wouldn't try to talk her out of it.

Meanwhile, I started reading up on the environmental consequences of eating meat and it had really motivated me to make a change in my diet. I decided to go vegetarian too. One day I told Lindsay in passing:"Hey! I've been a vegetarian for a month." She nearly choked.

Although Lindsay hadn't really pushed her veganism or vegetarianism on me before, once I became vegetarian, all bets were off! She had a foot in the door and she was going for it. She would casually drop in to conversation about how unhealthy all animal products were. Anytime I complained of stomach trouble, she'd mention how all her digestive issues cleared when she cut out dairy, and she started stocking the fridge with an array of vegan substitutes.

Eventually I got rid of dairy, too. Lindsay encouraged me, true, but it was ultimately my choice.

After going plant-based, I lost over 40 pounds, and maintained that loss for a while. I ran marathons and climbed mountains -- something I never thought I'd be able to do! My IBS and eczema also went away. But then I started slipping in my plant perfection. I was always vegan, but started being less strict. I ate vegan junk foods “once in a while” and dabbled in the new vegan commercial substitutes that were coming out.

I slowly regained 30-40lbs.

Lindsay and I decided right then and there to adhere strictly to a plant perfect diet. We started following the meal plans, and within weeks the weight started melting off.

I lost all the weight I’d gained back, plus another 25 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to over 65 pounds!

Now I’m a huge proponent of the plant-based diet, to the point where I talk about it with strangers. It's amazing how changing our diet really changed our life.

For Scott's full story (and even more pictures!), get your copy of the enhanced paperback edition of the Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living -- featuring Herbie success stories and 14 one-pot recipes -- out now!

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