100,000 Steps Challenge Recap!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

We did it!

The 100k Steps Challenge ended on March 28th and it was a huge (HUGE!) success!

Over 3950 herbies stepped up to the challenge...

more than 1560 made 100k steps by Sunday!

AND an additional 454 were able to hit 200k!!!


This challenge was incredibly eye-opening!

I asked steppers in the Facebook group to share what they learned over the past month. Here's what some of the them had to say:

"That I do have the time to move. "I'm so busy... I don't have time to exercise." is no longer an excuse." - Maria L

"I learned that even though I sit at a desk every day for 8hrs, I can still find ways to add in steps during my work day. Here are my tips: Instead of calling a co-worker, walk to their office. Take walking meetings. Set a timer on your smartphone or computer that sings every 45 mins, then get up and walk for at least 5 mins. Always take the stairs. And stop stressing over the close parking spots..park at the back of the lot and enjoy the walk into work." - Tim C

"Everything feels better when youre more active - better sleep, more energy, more positivity!"- Diana M

"I learned that my best motivation is not competition with others, but meeting my own goals."- Catherine D

"That no matter what level you are at, there is always something you can do to tweak it and increase your fitness, use it as walking meditation (really love this part), renew your motivation to be healthy, etc."- Louise M

"I learned that I was making lame excuses for not walking more before."- Lori B

"Age is a state of mind. Too many times I have heard and said, "I'm too old to do that". Walking makes you feel better. I feel stronger."- Kona P

"That I COULD do this. I was absolutely sedentary before we started the challenge. I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for almost a year and it was too painful to walk. It was getting better, although it still hurts, but I wanted to do this and get active again. I reached 100k after 9 days and I lost 12 pounds."- Pamela G

"I learned what 10,000 steps a day really means. Changed my definition of my "minimal" day."- Robin M

Congratulations to the winners, walkers and to everyone who participated in the 100k Steps Challenge! (**Winners were announced this morning through the newsletter**)

If you're ready for ANOTHER challenge there's TWO for Meal Mentor members starting TOMORROW (April 1!).

We're having an Instagram challenge and a 10x10k steps challenge. (Winners get cool swag and a signed copy of my new book that's not out yet! This is the last chance to win a hoodie too!)

Details are in the members forums.

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