100,000 Steps Challenge {Starts March 1st!}

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Need motivation?

A kick in the pants to get moving again?

Are you ready to walk your butternut off? (I couldn’t resist that one…)

JOIN the 100,000 Steps Herbie Challenge!

I recently hosted a steps challenge with our premium meal plan members and it was EPIC.

Not only did we all move our butts and shake our poms-poms more (and many of us lost weight, too!) it was INCREDIBLY insightful and motivating.

I never realized how wrong I was on thinking that I was so much more active and getting in lots of “steps” each day. Getting the Fitbit for the challenge has been an eye opener to say the least! But I made over 10,000 today!” - Shirley W.

Goodness, some of you are killing it with the number of steps you’re taking! How are you getting over 20,000??! Share your secrets, please! This has been a great motivation for me!” - Jennifer P.

With “sitting” being pegged just as bad as smoking (seriously, Google for the research) it’s time to get OFF our butts and start having walking meetings instead of coffee meetings...

and because I know nothing is more motivating than a little competition…

and prizes are even MORE motivating…

The Challenge:

Complete 100,000 steps by March 28th for a chance to win prizes like a highly coveted Happy Herbivore hoodie,an INSTAPOT, Amazon gift cards, 5-book Happy Herbivore set, and much, much more!

Raffle loot will be rolling in all month (the more you all step, the more loot up for GRABS!)

but so far the prize pot contains: 1 Instapot, a Perfectly Posh foot peel kit, Tea of choice from RestorativeNature.com, Jamberry nail wraps with elephants on them!, and jewelry (winner's choice!) from Compassionate Paws. (Thx sponsors!)


This is very motivating, especially to people like me who know they will never be the top walker but are still trying to do their best and get better than they were.” -Jill N.

We’ll also have special awards and prizes for the first person to reach 100k, most total steps, and MOST IMPROVED.

Be sure to confirm your email address (check your spam box!)

You’ll receive an email on Friday (tomorrow!) with details on how you’ll be entering your steps each day to compete... PLUS a special invitation to join our motivational Facebook group!

I’ll also send you a little motivation love note and progress report from time to time throughout the challenge!

Pedometers: I bought this FitBit and love it, but there are fancier options, and a lot of free apps you can install on a smartphone for free or $1.99.

Badge(use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc!):


P.S. If you're looking to FUEL YOUR BODY, use the meal plans during this challenge! You'll be completely energized and ready to step the day away!

Remember: you can't out-walk a bad diet ;) What goes IN THE MOUTH is far more important.

I’m realizing prior to this week I was lucky to walk 2500 steps a day!! I think we should ALL be proud of any steps we took towards improving our health!!” - Lori Z.

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