2nd Annual Virtual Minimalist Party Challenge!

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Mark your calendars!

Saturday, February 7th will be the 2nd Annual Virtual Minimalist Party Challenge!

Are you ready to finally tackle the clutter creating chaos in your closet? Garage? Office? Entire house?

Well, NOW is the time to make a COMMITMENT and do it with the support of the ENTIRE Herbie community behind you!!

Let's live with less (or at least tidy up!) and declutter TOGETHER!!

Last year's event resulted in over a 100 bags going to charity + families in need.

Everyone who participated (1,324 people!) felt AWESOME afterward too! Plus they had a newly decluttered + organized home to enjoy!

I encourage EVERYONE to participate, even it's simply cleaning out a drawer or cabinet!

Get inspired by checking out these before and after pictures from last year's participants.

My Minimalist book Zen Home is also full of easy projects with all the resources and step-by-step guidance you need to declutter. Get busy reading :D

You can also check out Zen Life and Zen Productivity for more ideas and projects.

About the challenge:

DATE: Saturday, February 7, 2015
TIME: All day
WHERE: Virtual Party

HASHTAG: #MinimalistChallenge

Share your progress pics + before and afters on HH's Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram to inspire others and for a chance to win PRIZES!

You can follow me: Twitter and Instagram (I'll be tackling a friend's house!)

Everything that matters, nothing that doesn’t! More zen, less chaos.

This is the spirit of minimalism and this challenge: bringing focus into your life.

Let's do this!

p.s. I jokingly started referring to this as "the annual throw-your-sh!t-away event" in the office... and that really seemed to stick! LOL

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