2014 Herbies of the Week: A Look Back At All The Inspiring Stories of 2014!

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It has been an incredible (incredible!) year. So many people are changing their lives thanks to a plant-based diet. We had so many AMAZING stories in 2014, and I already have more inspiring stories lined up for 2015! Lives are changing!

Here's a look back on all of our 2014 Herbies of the Week!!!

Judith & Fran lost a combined total of 80lbs, lowered their cholesterol, and Fran is now off half of his blood pressure and heart medications.

Kate M not only improved her GI issues with a plant-based diet, but her labwork for signs of cancer continue to improve and show negative tests for tumors, lesions or other signs of growth.

Rose lowered her cholesterol and lost 40lbs in less than a year.

Erin is 37lbs lighter and no longer suffers from chronic pain.

Lynne beat PCOS & infertility by switching to a plant-based diet.

Jacqueline lost over 105lbs thanks to the meal plans and Happy Herbivore cookbooks. She also started running and completed her first half marathon.

Mia shed 50lbs and is finally in control of her health now since going plant-based.

Holly immediately saw improvements to her skin and energy levels after adopting a plant-based diet (plus she lost 15lbs!). Her hubby Adam dropped 50lbs and stopped taking his blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

Sherry & Kerry lost over 250lbs together after Sherry suffered a lacunar stroke. Sherry also reversed her T2 diabetes!

Rob dropped 62lbs and 12 inches off his waist. He's also in less pain, has more energy, and his allergies and acid reflux are nearly non-existent.

Stacy lost 20lbs after ditching meat and dairy without even trying. She also noticed improvements to her health, including her fibromyalgia.

Rebecca A stopped focusing on her size and started focusing on health when going plant-based. The result? A 150lb weight-loss!

Heidi was off her blood pressure medication within three months of going plant-based and is now in the best shape of her life.

Crystalyn lost more than 30lbs and lowered her cholesterol by more than 65 points in less than a year.

Jernae cleared up her acne, sleeps better, no longer suffers from exercise-induced asthma and lost 23lbs.

Jesse welcomed a beautiful baby girl after a plant-based pregnancy.

Catherine's headaches and brain fog are gone as well as thicker and shinier hair, thanks to her plant-based diet.

Bonebreaker went from 570lbs to plant proud professional wrestler. He also lost an incredible 150lbs of body fat, no longer has a heart murmur, reversed his diabetes and lowered his blood pressure.

Patti lowered her cholesterol by 120 points, her chronic headaches disappeared, cleared up her skin and has more energy than ever.

Deb B. lost nearly 50lbs (with the help of the meal plans), no longer needs her pain management medication and reduced her acid reflux meds.

Derrick & Katie lost a combined total of 140lbs and lowered their cholesterol and blood pressure!

Jim G lowered his cholesterol by 50 points within 5 weeks of switching to a plant-based diet. He also lowered his blood pressure and lost 40lbs.

Sarah C lost 20lbs and feels more empowered than ever thanks to her plant proud lifestyle.

Stephen no longer needs to take medication for his anxiety -- and he lost 70lbs!

Cat & Shelton supported each other on their plant-based journey and lost over 190lbs together!

Suzanna went from a meat-eating Ms. Natural Olympia bodybuilder to a plant-based tennis playing champion and educator.

Kathy shared her experience on being plant-based and pregnant with TWINS!

Schari & Ryan lowered their cholesterol and lost 120lbs together!

Jill & Gloria lost 45lbs together by eliminating all animal products from their diet.

The Turner Family's skin cleared up, they lost weight and their kids are thriving on a plant-based diet.

Rebecca B finally listened to her body and is now happier than ever.

Erik B lost 75lbs and lowered his cholesterol (all while being on active duty with the US Navy!)

Joanne dropped 20lbs and is doing the best she can on her plant-based journey.

Diane H is down 2 pant sizes and is no longer in denial after realizing she could no longer keep peanut butter in her house.

Lesli & Rich switched to a plant-based diet and saw incredible results: Lesli lost 30lbs and no longer needs to be placed on statins to lower her cholesterol while Rich lost 40lbs and no longer needs to take medication for stomach irritation.

Amy B lost over 100LBS following a plant-based diet!

Heather reversed her diabetes, is off her medication and lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure all by eating plants!

Bethany lowered her cholesterol and lost 65lbs - which she says are gone forever!

Tommy reversed all of his medical issues (which included diverticulitis and a pre-cancerous stomach) with a plant-based diet.

Stacy & Jim lost over 50lbs and lowered their cholesterol.

The Dern Family went plant-based 3 years ago and they're happier and healthier than ever! Jenna's parents both lost 20lbs while she lowered her own cholesterol and is at a "very low risk" for heart disease!

Stevi lowered her cholesterol (by nearly 100 pts! without the use of statins) and she's almost off her blood pressure meds and feels great!

Tara no longer suffers from GI issues or depression after switching to a plant-based diet.

Sara & Jeff started running half marathons together and lost 35lbs!

Jessica C went from having a plant-based pregnancy to raising a little Herbie of her own!

Kristie started a plant-based diet as 30 day "experiment". Fast forward 18 months and she's lost 100lbs and has more energy than ever!

Jenn A not only improved her fibromyalgia, but also lost 53lbs and is no longer diabetic.

Stephanie V has lost nearly 100lbs and is off her cholesterol meds!

Congratulations to all of the 2014 Herbies of the Week and thank you for sharing your stories!

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