Get the Thanksgiving Section + 18 More Recipes From my New Book: Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings NOW

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Want the entire Thanksgiving section + 18 more recipes from my new cookbook TODAY?!

and how about getting the actual book early -- in mid-October??(just 2 weeks from today!)

Wish granted!

If you've preordered your copy of Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings you can get a digital copy of the Thanksgiving section (plus 2 bonus recipes that aren't in the cookbook!) ANDthe BLAD which contains 16 recipes from my upcoming book (with pictures).

Here's how:Once you've preordered (from any online or physical vendor), forward your payment confirmation email (or a picture of your receipt) to preorder[at]happyherbivore[dot]com and we'll send you a PDF of all the recipes.

Rumor also has it that preorders are going to ship on October 14th, so instead of waiting by the mailbox on November 4th, you can wait by the mailbox in two weeks!!! You have to preorder to get the book early, however.

Of course I can't guarantee you'll get it early, but the little birdie that told me is pretty darn trustworthy, and with my last four books, preorders shipped waaay early :)

And YES, you can preorder the ebook version for your Kindle and via iBooks. (For some reason B&N doesn't seem to be taking preorders for the Nook but it will be offered). FYI, digital versions won't release until Nov 4th (boo hoo! only physical books ship early) BUT preordered ebooks still qualifies you for the free recipe goodness now!

You can also preorder through Barnes & Noble, or Book Depository if you're international (they ship worldwide).

**Due to the high volume of submissions, please allow 72 business hours to process all requests.**

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