My Audible Book is Here! Get Your Free Copy!

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By popular demand, my new book, The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living is now available as an audible book!

It's also read by me!

I had a blast reading and recording this book for you!

Audible books are totally cool -- I'm ADDICTED!

Listen to the book in your car when you're commuting, when you're working out, walking your dog --- whatever you like.

(I foolishly made the grand resolution to read 1 book per week this year and while I do READ with my eyes, "reading" audio books during my walks has helped me keep to my resolution).

What I love most about the audible version of MY book is that really captures my spirit and personality.

I wrote the Guide to be conversational -- like we were pals on the couch and I was talking to you... and now I really, literally can!

To get a free copy:

Sign-up for a 30-Day trial audible membership and you'll receive The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living for free!

As I've already swooned: I love audible and can't recommend it enough for listening to my book or any of the other amazing selections. **If you already have an Audible membership this freebie promo does not apply, sorry!**

So go get your audible copy of my new book!

Lastly, I must acknowledge my wonderful, amazing, super talented friend Rob Marshall aka my sound engineer.

Rob, I'm so sorry you had to listen to all my mouth noises ;) and all my other weird habits... like doing headstands in the middle of a recording session ;)

Buy the eBook!

Buy the audible version!

Happy reading + listening!

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