Minimalist Monday: DIY Baking Soda Dispenser (Guest Post By Win A Visit Winner, Amy!)

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Today's Minimalist Monday post is about something very near and dear to my heart: baking soda!

I've already written at length about my love affair with it (I use it to wash my face, as deodorant, to clean, etc etc), which is why I asked Amy, the winner of the "Win A Visit" sweepstakes, to do this guest post.

When I visited her home in DC earlier this year, I found out that Amy not only shares a love of baking soda, but she also has a brilliant and minimalist way of storing it!

I'll let Amy tell her story - and show you how to make her dispenser.

I went plant-based in May 2011. Thanks to Lindsay's suggestion from her blog, I've been using baking soda to clean a lot of things in my house - fruits, veggies, my face, pots & pans, etc. It works so well! I was using it frequently which meant that oh-so-fashionable box was constantly staring back from the sink and getting wet in the process. It had to go!

Instead of buying a shaker or dispenser, I repurposed one of our large salsa jars. Mine holds two boxes of baking soda and has a wide opening. I nailed the holes into the lid myself; you just need a hammer and a nail. I also use jars for recipe leftovers, soups, sauces, dried beans, rice, lentils, bulk nutritional yeast, xanthan gum, gluten-free flour, paper clips, nails/screws, etc. Any way I can find to use them, I do :)

It was such an incredible experience to meet Lindsay. She is so genuine and giving of herself and her time. I know, as Herbies, we all have our own stories of how Lindsay has made a difference in our life, in the lives of loved ones, and all those around us.

It was beyond amazing to spend the day with her! We laughed, we cooked, we ate. The food was awesome! We had Thai Tacos from HHLL and Asian Noodle Soup from the 7-day meal plans (Oct 2013). I wanted to choose something that we hadn't made previously and something with mushrooms. BTW, she ate more than myself or my hubs :) We had such a fun day and then we were off to the DC Herbie meet up!

Thank you Lindsay for being you and making my birthday week the best ever :) XOXOXOXO

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