The "Spring into Health" 28-Day Live Better Challenge Begins! #28LiveBetter

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Today kicks off our 28-Day challenge to live better. (I'm so crazy stoked!)

If you missed the deets about the Challenge + my big announcement news on Friday, you can read why I'm doing it here.

Basically, I went on a soul safari and realized I wanted to make the world a better place... starting with you.

And I just love the whole "rebirth" motif of the Spring... Forget January 1, now is the time to start making resolutions!

What does the challenge mean for you?

In short, this is a challenge to LIVE BETTER in all the ways you can -- eat better, sleep better, be more positive, find more happiness, whatever your goals are.

It's about success, not rules.

After you confirm your subscription, I'll send you guidelines for the challenge with some tips to get you started ASAP!

Whatever your goals are -- however it is you want to live better, you can start today.

Think of me as your personal cheerleader for the next 28 days!

Why a "challenge"

The hardest part to change is starting that change. I know many of you want to change your life or your diet or your surroundings, but feel too alone, or need a push, a friend... something... Well, now is the time to make a commitment and do it with the support of the entire Herbie community!! I'm cheering for you! We're all cheering for each other!

I also hosted a virtual minimalist party/challenge earlier this year and it was off the charts awesome. Over 1700 people came together world wide to declutter and organize their stuff.

After seeing what we could accomplish in a single day -- and the lasting effects of that day (so many happy + proud peeps! tons donated to Goodwill, participants with a fire in their heart to do more after the challenge was over and keep up the good work and progress) I knew we were destined for something bigger, and greater -- starting with ourselves.

It's time to LIVE BETTER.

p.s. As of 9pm last night, 5,219 people are signed up to live better!

This really is a (r)evolution!

What's in it for you?

Besides the obvious of living better with the support of our entire community cheering for you?

;) ;)

You'll get daily tips + motivational emails from me, plus a host of other good stuff like free trainings and ebooks and perhaps... some of my (bad) singing.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the other 5,000+ awesome peeps who are participating! Sign up here. It's totally free and no, it's not too late to join the party.

Pimp your twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. with your awesome badge below... and use the hashtag #28LiveBetter (or #SpringIntoHealth) so I (and everyone else in the challenge) can see all the cool projects you're doing... the progress you're making and the healthy bodacious food you're eatin;


(cute right?)

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