The Happy Herbivore Guide To Plant-Based Living *and* Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings

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I'm so excited to reveal my next two books to you today!

As you may have heard, I'm having twinsies this year. Two new HH books are on the way in 2014!

But first, a big gushy thanks to the Herbies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who voted on the cover for book 5! (Which I guess I can stop calling "book 5" now lol!)

This was the winning cover by a landslide -- and since YOU picked it, it's the cover for the digital version that'll be here May 13, 2014!

Cover of the Guide to Plant-Based Living

Order The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living today.

Now a drum roll for book #6...

By popular demand...

Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings: Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Your Healthiest Celebrations and Special Occasions

Holidays & Gatherings doesn't have a cover yet (still in progress) but here are a few pictures of recipes and spreads from the book!

Recipes in the Happy Herbivore Guide to the Holiday and Gatherings

My upcoming cookbook is an all-out celebration of food for all year long. It's not just Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year's -- I mean yes, I covered all that! BUT it also has recipes for everyoccasion you can think of--from party appetizers, to game day foods, barbecues, potlucks, big events, catered events, sexy date night, (over 20 "regular" dinner menus!) and much, much more. AND everything is super duper easy and fast (most recipes take 20 minutes or less).. BUT I'll have a lot of time to talk about this book before it releases in November, so let's talk about my NEXT book for now ;)

So what's The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living about, exactly?

After writing five cookbooks, I looked around to see what I’d left uncovered... what was left? I'd covered it all, hadn't I?

The answer finally came to me and it couldn’t have been more obvious. Day in and day out you send me dozens of questions via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

I also kept getting the same questions over and over but couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit me: My cookbooks weren’t answering the most basic question: how to live the happy herbivore lifestyle I was encouraging.

Sure I’d created recipes for how to cook and eat healthy at home, but this isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Being a happy herbivore and following a plant-based diet extends far beyond what you’re cooking next. I’d taught you how to cook but not how to live.

What do you do in social situations outside of the home? At restaurants? Potlucks? Weddings? When you go Camping? What about traveling and vacation? How do you deal with negativity and naysayers? How do you talk to your family and friends about this way of life? How do you adapt Grandma's recipe? And what dishes can you make that even your most skeptical and carnivorous friends will enjoy?

These are just some of the questions and topics I cover in my new book!

Basically, I wrote the book I wish I had when I went plant-based. That whole year -- the first three years, really, were filled with so many weird questions. I so wish I'd have had this book to turn to for answers.

I also made it the kind of book that I am comfortable giving to any friend or family member when I want to tell them about this amazing way of life... even if they have no interest... because it's a book for everyone and everything.

Even if you have no desire to be 100% plant-based yourself, there is a wealth of information shoved in -- like how food is addictive and how knowing that, the food giants hooked us (and what we can do about it!).

It literally answers every question you'll ever have about being plant-based, eating healthy, protecting your health, loving the environment...

Even if you're an old pro like me, I guarantee you'll still learn, because I learned, even more, when I was researching and writing. I thought I had heard it all -- nope!

AND it's a total no-nonsense, cut to the chase, short and sweet book. It's got science but isn't dry or too science-y.

The writing style is just like this blog -- casual, comfortable, encouraging and polite. I wanted it to feel like I was talking to you on the couch :D

AND it's loaded with my own confessions and challenges (both personally and as a personal trainer + from working with clients for several years doing meal plans).

I've answered somewhere north of 10,000 messages since I started HH -- all questions about being plant-based -- and I put them all together in this book!

Originally, HHLife was scheduled for late 2015, but I begged and begged my publisher to let me release it early, arguing the sooner the better. I gotta help my peeps!

Thus, The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living (a digital pre-release) is coming to you this May!

An enhanced physical version will come out in May 2015. I'm still working on the hardback version, and hopefully based on some of your early feedback, I can add anything I may have missed, or expand on things you want expanded... I want my book to represent our community!

Speaking of which! The hardback (2015) will be "enhanced" with more more features like some incredible stories from other herbies who changed their life!! Community projects... and pictures!! so many pictures!!! *fingerscrossed* some new recipes will be in the hardback too.

BUT anyway... you can get the digital version and all the rad information now-- and besides, you know you're going to want the hardback and the digi for your phone, iPad, etc. ;-)

You can also order it in iBooks and for Nook.

If you don't have a Kindle or iPad, etc. No Worries, you can read the Kindle version in your web browser, or on any device using Amazon's free software.

Did I mention it's only $7.99????

I'm still tweaking the table of contents... but this will give you a glimpse of what's in the digital version available this May:

[1] Getting Started on Your Plant-Based Journey

*Make a Commitment

*Why choose a plant-based diet?

*What is a plant-based diet?

*Benefits of a plant-based diet for chronic diseases

*The global impact of a plant-based diet (world hunger, water, fuel, and some issues I'm betting you never thought of!)

*The truth about plant-based nutrition (and food politics)

  • The dairy myth
  • The protein myth
  • The complete protein myth
  • The athletes’ protein myth
  • The "grass-fed" myth
  • The soy myth
  • The oil myth
  • The “good fat” myth
  • The fatty acid or fish oil myth
  • The mediterranean diet myth
  • The vitamins and mineral deficiencies myth
  • The vitamin b12 myth

(chart) plant-based sources of essential vitamins and minerals

[2] What to Expect

*Adopting a new mind-set

*Bodily functions (including flatulence + relief, elimination & more)

*A new (and improved) normal

*Sensitivities and allergies

Women and the plant-based diet

  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Nutritional needs during pregnancy and beyond (protein, calcium, essential fatty acids, iron, folate and folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin D, etc)
  • Women and fertility (making a baby with the help of plants)
  • Contraception
  • PMS
  • Menopause

Men and the plant-based diet

  • Stereotypes... meat is "manly"
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Male Pattern Baldness

Children and the plant-based diet

  • Nutritional needs
  • 50+ school lunch ideas
  • Raising little herbies (i.e. what to do at birthday parties and sleepovers)
  • Talking to kids about being plant-based

Athlete's and the plant-based diet

  • Nutrition and performance
  • Professional athletes

Pets and the plant-based diet

  • dogs (and other animal friends)

[3] Transitioning to the Plant-Based Diet

*Transitioning Steps

*Transitioning Tips

*5 Stages of Change

*Common Objections: what happened to moderation, can't I take a supplement?, eating healthy is expensive, I'm picky, I don't like beans and vegetables, I don't want to give up my favorite [food], cooking takes too much time, but I hate cooking (no cook meals, throw and go included!), we all have to die from something, right?, I don't have willpower.

*Tips for staying plant-based on a shoestring budget

[4] Challenges

*Food Addictions

*Breaking Food Addictions

  • Breaking sugar
  • Breaking dairy
  • Breaking salt
  • Breaking fat

*Dealing with Cravings (and what they really mean!)

*Reprogramming Tastebuds

*Negativity and Naysayers

*Handling Social Situations

  • "Don't Worry About Me" Approach
  • Dinner Invites
  • Weddings and Catered Events
  • Children's Parties
  • "But I made this for you!"
  • People pleasing pitfalls (and standing your ground)
  • Avoiding Temptation
  • Being Selfish
  • Mixed Diet Households (making it work)
  • Combatting Anecdotal Evidence
  • Common Objections (that you'll hear from others)

*Jumbo (comprehensive) list of ALL vegan substitutes (includes abroad!)

*Jumbo (comprehensive) list of plant-based brands

*Jumbo list of brands I personally use


[5] Living a (Full) Plant-based Life

*Eating out

*Finding options (anywhere!)

*Veg-friendly cuisines


*Plant-based travel foods (what to pack)

*Jumbo list of vegan travel foods

*Jumbo list of plant-based travel foods

*(List) Chain restaurants with vegan and plant-based options

*Websites and apps

*Hotels and Dorm Rooms (how I cook & travel with my pressure cooker!)

*Camping and backpacking

*Food Safety

*Campfire meals

*Foil packs


*Vegan emergency kit

[6] Cooking, Baking, & Dealing with Allergies

*Plant-based Replacements for any recipe

*substituting and adapting recipes

*allergy-free cooking

  • soy
  • gluten and wheat
  • corn
  • nuts
  • legumes
  • other allergies

*plant-based baking

  • replacing eggs
  • replacing fats
  • baking with whole-grain flours
  • gluten-free baking
  • sugars and sweeteners
  • cocoa, carob, vegan chocolate, vegan white chocolate
  • non-dairy milks and creamers

[7] Getting Family & Friends on Board — Lead by example!

  • Tailoring your message so it's heard
  • Cooking for omni's
  • Potlucks

[8] Troubleshooting: Failure to Thrive

  • Why am I not losing weight?
  • Why do I feel tired?
  • Why do I feel irritable?
  • Tummy troubles
  • Deficiencies

Resources --- omgee! pages and pages of resources! Each section [1-8] has boatloads of resources to studies, films, other books, and free internet listings.

You can read the entire thing in 1-2 hours, depending on your speed since it reads like a book and not a textbook :)

Order your copy of The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living

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