A Vegan Taste of Boston and My trip to the World Series!

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Scott and I lived in Boston for a little less than four years while I attended law school. (We've been back to Boston several times -- so if you're looking for places to eat, try the search bar on the blog -- type "boston" and you'll find all my previous trip posts). 

I was fortunate to live there in both 2004 and 2007, and one of our apartments literally backed up to Fenway park. If I went on the roof of the building I could see into Fenway.

Now that we live in Los Angeles, we also cheer for the Dodgers, but we will always be Red Sox fans first.

(And although I'm a little sad the Dodgers didn't make the playoffs, I'm also relieved that I don't have to cheer againstmy other favorite team.)

If you're unfamiliar with baseball, it's a sport that carries a lot of superstition and, well, I started to worry that, perhaps, I needed to be at Fenway for the Sox to win. After all, it was my moving there that reversed the curse, right? Lol.

(Really I was just looking for any excuse to fly to Boston for the playoffs.)

So Scott and I flew across the country to cheer for our favorite team. 

Here we are at Game 1: 

I'm wearing 8 layers in this photo. I felt like a giant bright red marshmallow. I was even wearing bright red pants. 

(A very nice girl in the ladies room assured me I did not look like Santa Claus.)

Another benefit to being back in Boston for the Series? The leaves. 

The city is so full of color. You must see a New England fall once in your life. It's magical. 

Our first night in Boston, we met up with several long-time friends who took us to a new vegan/vegetarian restaurantcalled Walnut Grille

Here's a few dishes they ordered. The vegetables and ricein the middle was my dish. Everything pictured is vegan. 

My friends' pizza was quite interesting -- a tropical pizza with black beans, mango, corn, red onion, avo and vegan cheese. The big picture is apeanut crusted tofuand the other pretty dish is some kind ofpolenta stack. Everyone raved their food was awesome and I loved my WFPBNO macro bowl. 

And yes, Fenway, is veg-friendly. They have veggie hot dogs, veggie burgers, fruits, salads, hummus, and other accidentally vegan things like cheeseless pizza, beer and pretzels :) 

p.s. Most stadiums are now veg-friendly, try the website veggiehappy.com for a listing.

We had such an amazing time (and again, that superstition!) that we changed our flights, stayed in Boston and headed back to Game 2! 

Why do I feel like I'm going to be in St. Louis this weekend ;) 

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