My Trip to Belize! (A Vegan Taste of Belize)

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It's been a long, busy couple of months for me, and my sweet hubby surprised me with a trip to Belize as a "reward" for finishing another book (Book #5! Book # 4 (Light & Lean) will be here in December!). Best husband ever! 

Belize is indeed beautiful (as you'll soon see) and I came back feeling rested (with a tan too!). We stayed on a small island off of San Pedro. Basically, we flew into Belize City, hopped on to a tiny plane to fly to San Pedro, then got on a speed boat — and 20 minutes later, we were at our destination: El Secreto

I never have trouble finding healthy, plant-based options when I travel. I can usually make it work at a restaurant, but sometimes I'll save my money and hit a produce stand or go to a market... these options didn't exist on the island though. All we had was their restaurant.

Luckily,a huge chunk of their menu was vegan or vegetarian. I was blown away by all the choices! They also let us get creative and mix and match things. 

Scott quickly became obsessed with these "quesadillas." He noticed banana and cheese quesadillas on the lunch menu, and asked if they could substitute black beans for the cheese. It sounds odd, but I must admit, black bean and banana quesadillas were pretty amazing. It helps that Belize has some of the best bananas I've ever tasted. 

They also made me a beautiful fruit plate every morning, plus a big bowl of oatmeal. I had lots of salads and a baked potato with pico and lime (my favorite snack) and some cheese-less pizza poolside. 

There were "fancier" items on the menu like Portobello and Apple Carpaccio, but I seem to prefer the ultra light fare when I travel. 

The romantic lighting didn't make for the best pictures, sadly. So I'm sorry I don't have more for you.

(*This is a drink I fell in love with and will have to slip into a future book!)

Now that you've seen the food, here's Belize!

Scott always poses like this in pictures.

Belize is known for the diving and it's the best I've experienced. Scott, too. We've been "underwater" in a number of places (including Maui, Mexico and the Caribbean) but Belize wins. Those are sharks. Lots of big sharks. And I swam with them. One even was agreeable to letting me pet him. I also made friends with a sting ray that was HUGE. Bigger than the biggest suitcase you can think of. I was also introduced to parrot fish spit. Not my finest moment.

Scott checked "paddle board" off his bucket list.

Another new friend.

San Pedro, Belize.

Did you take any vacations this summer? 

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