You Asked for It! The Happy Herbivore Cookbooks Master Table of Contents!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

*If you are looking for the updated Master List, that includes HHLL, go here.*

Hi, Herbies! I've had so many requests for a "master" list of Happy Herbivore cookbook recipes — which recipes are in which book, on what page, etc.

Well, we finally made one! (Actually, HH's amazing Content Manager, Lindsey, compiled it, so big hugs to her!)

You know I value simplicity and after four books, even I sometimes struggle to remember what HH recipe is in what book... I just know I want to eat Cajun Potato Salad... I don't necessarily remember what book its in. (I also can't remember my own recipes to save my life).

Anyway, now you have an easy way to find out where the recipe you love "lives."

Behold, an alphabetical list of the recipes in all 3 Happy Herbivore cookbooks (HHC, EHH, and HHA) with their page numbers. (We'll do an update when Happy Herbivore Light & Lean is released too!).

Here's what it looks like:

Here's the link to download the PDF: HH Master Table of Contents

You can download and save as a PDF file on your computer or device, or you can print a copy for your kitchen, whatever makes finding your favorite HH recipes easiest for you!


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