A Tale of Serendipity with a Herbie

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Happy Memorial Day, Herbies! Today's blog post is a heart-warming tale of serendipity. (I hope you enjoy it and your holiday!)

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When Scott and I moved to Lake Tahoe for the winter, we joined the local gym to work with a trainer to fix some muscular imbalances and problems we both had. Me, from years or walking around in high heels with a heavy laptop bag or purse slung over one shoulder, and Scott from an old injury. 

Anyway, when our therapist found out we were both plant-based, he introduced us to one of his trainers who had been raised vegan since birth. We became social with the fellow veghead and chit-chatted briefly anytime we saw him there. 

After one of our sessions, he came up to me and said, "I just started working with a new client. He's recently plant-based, and get this! He was raving about your books! He came in telling me he'd just bought these books by the Happy Herbivore and that they were awesome and I had to buy them. Of course, I had to tell him, 'I know her! She trains here!'"

I was beaming and told my pal, "Let me know when you're training him next; I'll pop in and say hello."

Sadly, my schedule was crazy crazybusy, and I couldn't catch any of his sessions for weeks. I was feeling pretty bad about it and kept hoping that I'd get a chance to say hello before we left Tahoe. 

Anyway, a few days before we left Tahoe for good, Scott and I decided to go to the lake and enjoy some of the Spring weather. 

It was a beautiful day and several people were out with their dogs like we were. We met this great couple who was there with their two dogs the pugs wanted to play with, as well as another family with their dogs that wanted to play in the water more than with the pugs (Lily Bean just could not understand this). 

I even posted a picture of the lake on Happy Herbivore's Facebook page showing off my incredible view for the afternoon. 

I came home several hours later and found an email from Jack, the guy who had been training with my pal that I'd been meaning to meet. He was asking if I would come talk to his exercise group that week since he'd mentioned me and my books in a group session previously. 

The class happened to be our last night in Tahoe *and* I was free — finally! I was going to get to meet this guy! Yes! 

After I sent my reply I could make it, he emailed me back again. He said he saw on Facebook that I was at the Lake earlier and that he too had been there, wasn't it such a lovely day? He also attached a picture of him and his wife that he'd taken at the lake that afternoon and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? —  they were the nice couple we'd chatted with as our dogs played.



Jack looked back through his pictures and found something I will always cherish. 

He'd taken a beautiful picture of the lake and if you squinted, you could see me, Scott and the pugs sitting on a log in the distance. 

I could not believe it. You just can't make this stuff up. What's that saying.... it's written in the stars? 

I *did* end up going to Jack's class and meeting him in person (again). It was awesome.Life is awesome

Happy Memorial Day!

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