The Kitchen Shadow is Cooking His Way Through EHH! His Faves from the First 50 Recipes

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Last week, we shared the end of Jana and her family's adventures cooking through Happy Herbivore Abroad. She cooked every single recipe in the book and it brought the family together — they got excited about the "recipe of the day" and love plant-based cooking (and eating!). Today, we are sharing the beginning of a new challenge! Jana's 11-year-old son, Caleb (AKA Kitchen Shadow), decided he wanted in on the fun and began cooking his way through  Everyday Happy Herbivore. Enjoy his story and his favorites from the first 50 recipes!

I’m Caleb Sooter, better known as the Kitchen Shadow. I’m 11 years old, and love archery, Tae Kwon Do, climbing, and all things outdoors. My Mom, Jana Sooter, is a master chef/cook, amazing gardener, and cool mom. My Dad, Shane Sooter, is a filmmaking, rock climbing, epic dad. I have the best parents anyone could ever have.

I’ve been vegan for almost a year. I became vegan when my mom showed me Forks Over Knives™ almost a year ago. When I saw it, I was a bit skeptical about veganism. But, after a while, I decided to stick with the diet, and now I have more energy, (though I still sleep ‘til 10 in the morning almost every day) am more active, and am more sensitive about foods. 

My mom began making recipes out of Happy Herbivore Abroad™, and soon I wanted to join the fun. I began to make recipes out of Everyday Happy Herbivore™. So far, I’m at more than 65 recipes! Below are my top 11 favorite out of my first 50.                            

Fruit Crisp(page 46): Made weekly in our house.


Tortuga Rum Cake (page 251): Captain Jack would be proud.

Skillet Refried Beans (page 179): A staple at our house now. (Notice my bro photobombing me in the background (Bunny Ears!))

Single Blueberry Muffin (page 56):  I wonder if it's dating... 

Mexican Scramble (page 27): Magic in a skillet.

SXM Strudel (page 242): Apple pie in a tortilla!

Pinquito Beans (page 181): This what baked beans are in Mexico.

Grilled Cheeze (page 78): I LOVE THIS THING! Get me like... 5 more please.

Pasta with Braised Veg (page 210): I made this with asparagus from our garden beds!

Roasted Carrots (page 221): My favorite carrot dish.

Masala Burgers (page 83):My all time favorite burger recipe in this book.

This has been a fun experience, cooking and knowing my way around a kitchen. I might just open a food truck!

Have a great day! I’ll get back with you when I hit 100 Everyday Happy Herbivore Recipes!

 Caleb "The Kitchen Shadow"

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