100 Days of HHA: Jana's Challenge Continues

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Remember Jana? Jana is cooking her way through Happy Herbivore Abroad — a new recipe every day! She last checked in with us at Day 50 and now Jana has reached Day 100! 

I'm thrilled to have Jana back on the blog talking about her challenge, the last 50 days of cooking (and eating!) and everything in between. Be inspired!

"When last I wrote, we had made 50 days of HHA recipes. We have now reached 100 days. Yeah! A celebration in our house! Beautiful things have happened.

For one thing, it inspired my 11-year-old son whom I call my Kitchen Shadow, (find him on Twitter @kitchenshadow) to make a recipe a day from EHH. It has been amazing to watch his kitchen skills and confidence grow. A plant-based chef in the making. Thank you, Lindsay S. Nixon!!

Secondly, my 13-year-old former meat lover, whom I call my Man Boy, has become a veggie lover. He has found a love for flavors from around the world. He goes after each dish I make with a fervor I never thought possible. Amazing. He has even started to kick around in the kitchen a bit. Thank you, Lindsay S. Nixon!!

And something else has been wonderful.  A lot of my friends have been intrigued by my posts on Twitter and Facebook. They comment on how delicious the pictures look and several have purchased the book and have begun to get more plant-based dishes on their tables. They have been inspired to be more healthy by claims of ease in these recipes. How awesome is that? Thank you, Lindsay S. Nixon!!

My goal has been to get the monotony off our table while inspiring others to take a healthy step. We can be an inspiration to those who want to be healthier but are overwhelmed by the thought of veganism. I can share from experience that my past kitchen time has been cut down tremendously. Of course, the occasional day-long cooking spree can be a ton of fun, but at this point in life, practical and easy is best for my family's sanity. Thank you, Lindsay S. Nixon!!

So, onto the faves out of the last fifty. Hard. Really hard, because there are a lot of great ones.  I have narrowed down to the top eleven. I know it is usually the top 10 list but, "this one goes to eleven." (For all you Spinal Tap fans out there.)

Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms (p. 258) When you read the recipe, you will think, "too easy to be so good." I am telling you, this recipe is perfect!!

Drunken Beans(p. 49) Beans and beer. Is there a more perfect marriage?

Lentil Loaf (p.257) The Man Boy wants me to make this every day!

Aqua Fresca (p.218) This surprised me. So fresh and beautiful. During summer, it will be a staple!

Morir Sonando (p. 219) I love the name and I love the drink. Again a surprise.

Colcannon (p. 60) Made me never want mashed potatoes without kale!!

Chickpea Cacciatore (p. 45) Seriously, buy the book and make this first. You will be thrilled with your purchase if you don't make any other recipes. But you won't be able to resist doing so.

Thai Mango Curry (p. 93) A big smile is what I remember while eating this!

Hand Rolls (p. 137) I miss my sushi, and this hit the spot!

Quick Chili Mole (p. 27) Yes. Yes. And yes again. Get what I am saying?

Courtney's Waffles
(p. 160) We now have Waffle Wednesday because of this recipe. [Editorial note: That's Kitchen Shadow!]

Only about thirty-five recipes left to make. I can't believe it. Seems like we just began. It has been that easy and smooth. That says a lot about Happy Herbivore. I think we can all say a big thank you to Lindsay S. Nixon and all the people that help make Happy Herbivore what it is!!

Follow our adventure on Twitter, @janasooter and my blog."

Jana will be back once more when she finishes her way through HHA (Get your copy of Happy Herbivore Abroad!). I'm also pleased to share that Kitchen Shadow will alsobe guest blogging about his challenge soon!! 

I love these guys so much — I'm so happy my book brought us together. 


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