Minimalist Monday: Do A Random Act of Kindness Today

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Recently, I complimented a stranger on an outfit she was wearing. It was as simple as "I just wanted to say how much I love your dress." The stranger practically broke into tears and said, "Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today." 

It made me think back to an experience I had about a year ago when I'd told a cashier to "Have a nice day," as I always try to do, and that person thanked me, saying they too really needed to hear it.

Then I remembered the time my sister went to pay for a coffee only to find out the person in front of hers had already paid for it — or the time a friend of mine handed a toll clerk $20, asking them cover everyone's toll fee behind them.

It's amazing how profound these little acts of kindness can be. You could turn someone's day around. You have that power.

Think about how awesome you felt as a kid to find $1 on the street.

So this Minimalist Monday — do one random act of kindness. Pay for a stranger's coffee, give a compliment, tell a cashier to have a nice day. If you get good service at a restaurant, ask to speak to the manager and compliment that server. Fill out a customer card complimenting someone who helped you in a retail store, and so on.

Imagine the impact we could all have if we each did something nice today. It can be small — perfectly minimalist. 

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