Herbie of the Week: 2012 Recap

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It has been an amazing (Amazing!!!) year. So many people are changing their lives thanks to a plant-based diet. We had so many incredible stories in 2012, and I already have another 14 lined up for 2013! Lives are changing! Hail to the kale!

Here is a look back on all of our 2012 Herbies of the Week!!!

Lisa lost 20 lbs., a total of 10 inches, gained more confidence and energy, and lost the “brain fog!"

Teresa struggled with a plant-based diet on and off again for the past 25 years but finally found the determination and resources to make it stick after being diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome!

Candy reversed her diabetes, lost 30 lbs., has more energy, and looks and feels so much better inside and out!

Dale got off his medication for diabetes, gout, and high blood pressure plus lowered his cholesterol!

Sara struggled with losing weight, but turned to a plant-based diet and lost 96 lbs., lowered her blood pressure, has more energy, and is much happier!

Angie lost 70 lbs., plus lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure. She is so much more active and feels wonderful!

Pam lost 67 lbs., raised her iron levels so she was no longer anemic and has gained her life back!

Deanna no longer needs her blood pressure medicine and has greatly improved her overall health. She is more in shape and has more energy!

Kay lost 40 lbs., lowered her cholesterol, has more energy than she has had in years, and feels so much better! UPDATE 1/3: Kay has lost a total of 62 lbs and is completely content with her weight loss!

Mike lost 83 lbs., does not struggle to find any good food, and has cured his headaches and sleep problems!

Jennifer lost 50 lbs., her IBS and acid reflux have been cured, plus she has gotten off her blood pressure medicine!

Pragati lost 8 lbs. in 21 days and feels less sluggish and much lighter!

Lisa P. lost 65 lbs., going from a size 16 to a 4. She also lost all her cravings for sweets and sugars!

Nancy is thrilled with her plant-based lifestyle and knows she will never get bored with the endless options offered!

Kessa lost 30 lbs., gets more done in her day, and has reversed her oily skin!

Cole lost 140 lbs. and has an awesome attitude about life!

Melissa lost 100 lbs. and feels so much lighter! Plus, she loves the added bonus of cheaper grocery trips!

Julie turned her 30-year vegetarian lifestyle to plant-based and lost 60 lbs. and also became more active!

Ryan lost 40 lbs. and combated all of her stomach/digestive issues!

Georgie used plant-based eating to help her overcome her eating disorder and have a more positive attitude!

Mary Lou cleared up her rosacea and was able to run the family tradition 5k!

Aaron is a firefighter who lost 22 lbs. and got off his blood pressure medicine!

Jeannine lost 85 lbs., lowered her blood pressure, and got off her auto-immune medicine!

Tina lost 63 lbs. and stopped her dieting yo-yo!

David lost 70 lbs., is at 9% body fat, and has no more pain from his many severe injuries!

Jessica lost 35 lbs. and got off her medications for fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, IBS, depression, and bipolar disorders!

Pamela lost 30 lbs. and no longer has her chronic fatigue!

Jenny has lost quite a bit of weight, and her diet has helped stop the growth of a tumor she has!

Claudia turned around her 30-year cholesterol problem and lowered her blood pressure!

James lost 35 lbs., cleared his skin, ran his first 5k, and has more optimism than ever before!

Todd lost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks and has more energy than ever!

Marissa & Nick both have so much more energy, and neither one has meat or dairy cravings!

Monica had her best pregnancy with her 4th child at 42!

Kim fixed her cholesterol, thyroid, and asthma issues, plus she lost a few pounds!

Talia & Jacob are some of the cutest kids! Their mom was able to cure Jacob’s constant stuffy nose and upset stomach by going plant-based. When Talia was born, she was having diaper rashes that were easily fixed by the complete plant-based lifestyle their mom made.

Brianne lost 9 lbs. by only changing her diet and significantly improved her PMS symptoms and her skin!

Natalie completely got rid of her gestational diabetes and lost 50 pounds!

Bob massively lowered his cholesterol and knows he can never go back to eating how he was!

Anne lowered her cholesterol, has lost weight, and has loved trying all the different foods!

The Fox family all changed their diets and have enjoyed weight loss and a higher energy level!

Michelle’s plant-based diet helped with her eating disorder and she has noticed changed in her athletic performance!

Chris lost 130 lbs. and is incredibly proud to be a Happy Herbivore!

Ruth lost 30 lbs. and completed her first triathalon!

Andrea W. lost 20 lbs and lowered her bad cholesterol!

Carolyn lost 50 lbs., lowered her cholesterol, and knows there is no turning back!

Dana reversed her pre-diabetic state and knows it is never too late to change your health!

Kevin lost 90 lbs. and was taken off his blood pressure, heart, water pills, cholesterol, and stomach acid medications!

Erika lost 60 lbs. and got rid of her constant headaches!

Ferrin was able to turn around a very scary situation and fixed her severe abdominal pains!

Diane lost 50 lbs., cleared her eczema, and has let go of her Diet Coke and junk food addiction!

Robin lost 200 lbs. and has followed her passion and designs t-shirts and other products!

Congratulations to all of the 2012 Happy Herbies of the Week and thank you for sharing your stories!

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