The Top Blog Posts of 2012

With the help of Google Analytics, I was able to figure out which of my blog posts had the most hits, likes, shares, etc. In case you missed them (or you need a second helping!), here are the most popular blog posts on for 2012 (and all time!) 

This Year:

1. So, What Is A Plant-Based Diet?

2. What Is Vital Wheat Gluten?

3.The Mighty Potato (Different Ways To Eat Potatoes)

4. Quick & Easy Plant-Based (Vegan) Recipes

5. Backpack Across Europe on $1,000

All Time:

1. What Are Rolled Oats?

2. Vegan Paleo Diet

3. I'm Not "Vegan" Anymore

4. What Is Nutritional Yeast?

5. Top 10 Go Vegan Tips