Happy Herbivore Abroad Release Party!

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My new cookbook,Happy Herbivore Abroad, released on Tuesday and I opened my home to friends and Herbies for a little par-tay that evening! 

(Yep, that's me laying on the floor!)

I served a few recipes from the new cookbook: Olive Tapenade, Sangria, Morir Sonando, Blueberry Bundt Cake, Bread Pudding, Tomato Rice Pilaf, Vegetable Korma, Queso, Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms, and Lemony Kale!  

The sign on the wall reads "100,000 books sold" — it's still up from that party. We use it for motivation. It's probably something more like 103,000 now. Maybe I should take a marker to it. LOL. 

Even though LT & I thought we made way too much food — it vanished in minutes. Oops! Mental note for the next party! 

When my first cookbook, The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, was released, I was living in St. Maarten — very far away from my friends, fans, and family (and bookstores!). Then when my second cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore, was released last year, I was in the United States but way up on a mountain in Colorado — once again away from my friends, family, fans, and a bookstore! (I did, however, drive 4 hours to Denver to see my book in the B&N there — thrilling!).

So this time, being in LA, I had to throw a party — and it was such an amazing and memorable night. I feel very blessed and was so happy to share my excitement :) I only wish ALL of my Herbies could have been there!! 

It's hard to be a pug at a party.

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