Happy Herbivore Abroad Releases! + Kindle Edition

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(Kindle edition available! iBooks & Nook will have it today or this week).

When I wrote my first book, The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, I felt like I held my breath for a year. I was on pins and needles for months. It was the first time in my life I put all my eggs into one basket. I'd quit my job as a lawyer and I'd moved my family into a tiny (tiny!) New York City apartment so we could get by without my income. 

My New York City apartment — where I wrote HHC!

I felt like everything was riding on that book. What if it didn't sell? What if this "career change" bit me in the butt? What if all the sacrifices I made — my family made — ended up not being worth it? 

Thankfully, the book sold out :) It also continued to do well (for which I am incredibly thankful), so I was given the opportunity to write another book, Everyday Happy Herbivore.

I was excited to write another book until a friend put a bug in my ear. She'd worked in publishing for a long time and cautioned me (or maybe tried to prepare me?) that a lot of second books flunk.

I've seen enough "part 2" movies to know that's the truth — or 1-hit wonder songs. I didn't want to be a one-hit wonder!!Thus, I spent the next year on pins and needles again, wondering if my second book live up to the first?

Thankfully, you guys loved that book too!

So I walked into my third book, Happy Herbivore Abroad, with more ease. I guess with two books under my belt, and a whole truckload of life experience (both good and bad) in the last few years, I felt like I could survive anything — and that things will be okay no matter what. I think I stopped being scared and started being proud.In the end, it was about the work. It was about climbing the mountain and finishing, even if you are dead last.  

With Abroad, I had no fear — I kept saying"I'm so ready for this book to be out already." And I was — I am... and today is the day she is officially released.

My parents insist this is my best book yet, and I hope you love it as much as they do!

Order your copy now.

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