How often do you go grocery shopping?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

When I lived in NYC I went every day. This was partly because my kitchen and fridge were so impossibly small that I really didn't have the ability to stock up. I also lived within 5 minutes walking distance of several markets, grocery stores and a boutique health food store, so it was really easy for me to get what I needed on the way home. (Note: I don't recommend this, I found I spent too much money this way). When I lived in St, Maarten I went almost every day. We had a bigger kitchen, and more storage, but since the store received new and different shipments several days a week and some foods sold out fast -- I was always there, ready to get my hands on cartons of almond milk, or fresh produce or bread. The market was also within walking distance, which made it convenient, at least. Living on an island has a lot of frustrations, a big one being that all food is flown in and frequently runs out. Now that I'm in Colorado, however, where the grocery store is 5 miles away, I try to only go once per week. I find if I plan my meals out (which I do with HH's Meal Plans!) I can get everything I need in one trip. I can't really cut it back any more than that, our fridge isn't big enough to hold 2 weeks worth of fresh produce. Scott & I have large appetites and really love our salads and greens.

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