How to Travel on a Plant-Based Diet (What to Pack, Snacks, and More!)

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It's no secret that I travel constantly. I often joke that my suitcase is "home" because I'm gone so often with work (I do hope to travel less in 2013!). I think I spent a total of 4 days out of the last 30 days in my own apartment...

Anyway, for tips on finding food in airports or navigating eating out while traveling, see these previous posts: Staying Plant-Based While Traveling and How to Eat Out Healthfully.

This post is about what to pack!!

Before any long trip (the picture above was my suitcase before I left for two weeks in Ireland and Finland), I pack food to take.

Although Scott and I have never had difficulty finding plant-based food during our travels abroad, I get tired of eating out and like having a few "quick" options on hand. (Just don't take it in your carry-on!)

Here are some of the items we pack:

1. That's It Fruit bars
2. Dr. McDougall Soups
3. Dr. McDougall Oatmeal
4. Pre-Cooked Quinoa
5. Shelf-Stable Tofu (Trader Joe's recently started selling this)
6. Hot Sauce
7. Beans (see picture above)
8. Soups
9. Hummus Mix
10. Refried Bean Mix
11. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables 
12. NuturMe Baby Food (pugs LOVE this) 

Here are some items we haven't tried, but would also work:

1. Tofu Scramble Mix
2. Soy Milk Powder
3. Vegetable Soup (this company has many freeze-dried veggie options)
4. Hummus (*contains oil)
5. Peanut Butter packets
6. Soy Sauce packets 
7. "Meal" bars like Luna, Clif, Probar (these all upset my stomach)

I've also seen these "Go Picnic" to-go meals in most airports and at many 711s (or the equivalent). At least two of them are vegan (though not necessarily oil-free or healthy). The Hummus & Crackers one is all vegan, same for the Black Bean & Plantains one (that I couldn't find on Amazon but saw at the Charlotte airport recently). These "meals" aren't the healthiest, but sometimes you have to do the best you can. After all, it's still better than McDonalds!

Do you have any travel tips or must-have snacks?

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