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 Happy Thanksgiving or should I say, Happy Thanks-Living!

Even though I tend to make this day about food (a lot of food!), I always like to take a moment to really meditate on what I'm thankful for. 

My health.
The health of my family and friends.

The health of my Herbies.
My Herbies in general...

...and so on. 

There's so much I am thankful for — so much we're all thankful for — and in light of this day and giving thanks, this week's Herbie of the Week is YOU. 

Back in September, I posted on Facebook "How have you felt better since switching to a plant-based diet?" and over 100 beautiful responses came in. 

Here are some of the highlights! You'll quickly see just how far-reaching the effects are. 

"No chronic migraines *I used to get 10-15 monster migraines a MONTH* Cured my hypo thyroid *without meds, my levels are normal* more energy, happier" — Kelly D.

"It's gross, but less mucus! I have terrible allergies, but going plant-based drastically reduced the amount of mucus my body produces. I also noticed a "lighter" feeling in general — I'm dropping weight (hooray!!), but I feel much less sluggish too." — Jennie F.

"I no longer have eczema or stomach discomfort." — Jimena S.

"I thought I was doomed to be miserable, thanks to my chronic autoimmune disease. Going vegan totally changed what I expect from my body. My energy is way up and my joint pain is way down!" — Debra H.

"More energy, better sleep, a more toned body, quicker recovery from colds, better digestion, better skin." — Margaret C.

"I never feel uncomfortably full after a meal. My skin is clearer. My hair grows extremely quickly, as do my nails." — Lacey H.

"Lost 90 pounds. Haven't had the sniffles even once!" — Rachel B.

"I have lost 17 pounds, have more energy, don't have chronic headaches or migraines anymore (20+/month), I sleep better, and my cholesterol is now below 150. I also had a period on my own! (I have PCOS and don't have periods naturally, they have to be induced) — Jennifer T. 

"Lost 40 pounds while indulging in desserts all the time! Yeah!" — Marie-Claude P.

"No more antibiotics for my rosacea. NO more rosacea!!!!No more allergy meds for my clogged ears, no more vertigo from clogged ears..." — Kelly D.

"I've been plant-based for two months and already feel 100 better. I was diagnosed with lupus and have dealt with daily pain for years. In two months time, I have lost quite a few inches, pain is drastically reduced, more energy than I've had in years, feel and look younger. My situation has been such a testimony that even my parents are in the process of becoming plant-based!" — Shasta H.

"No more anemia without having to take iron pills!" — Rebecca N.

"I've lost 25 lbs without trying. We did a rigorous hike this weekend up a mountain and I don't feel it! I'm not sore at all! Staying off dairy means not battling chronic sinus infections, headaches, infections and bronchitis. People keep telling me how much younger I look!" — Loralee H.

"My hubby has lost 60 pounds. His blood sugar was also getting way out of control and now it's down to almost normal without taking a single pill." — Jen W.

"Because pretty much everything I eat is good for me, I'm not so worried about counting calories or points. I eat till I'm full and satisfied... feels great!" — Tracey E.

"Asthma is nearly gone, except when I'm around animals. I used to get asthma even walking up a hill. I was using several inhalers. I feel no asthma plaguing me, waking me with nightmares of suffocation, always reaching for the inhaler in the night. None of that anymore." — Gayle C.

"Lost about 30 pounds, off the cholesterol meds, and off a blood pressure pill!" — Mikki R.

"Changing to a plant-based diet is what helped me overcome my eating disorders." — Cortney B.

"No more unexplained hot flashes, no more knee pains, able to taste and smell things better now than for past decade, eyes stopped chronic itching, tons of sustained energy. I've also lost almost 30 pounds!!" — Melissa M.

"I am off all medications for migraines, high BP & cholesterol, heartburn and diabetes. I have lost 32 pounds so far even though I am not able to walk due to injury." — Charlotte G.

Summarized medical issues, symptoms and health problems that have been reduced or eliminated by adopting a plant-based diet (as reported by Herbies on Facebook): 

- Eczema
- Headache/Migraine
- Bloating/Stomach Issues
- Hypothyroidism

- Allergies/Nasal Congestion
- Acne/Cysts 
- Rosacea 
- Acid Reflux/Heartburn 
- Cholesterol 
- Anemia 
- Joint/Muscle Pain
- Constipation 
- T2 Diabetes 
- Asthma 
- Overactive Bladder 
- High Blood Pressure 
- Disordered Eating 
- Hot Flashes 
- Lupus 

Other noted improvements in health and well-being reported by Herbies: 

- Weight-Loss

- Mental Clarity
- More Happiness/No Depression
- Improved Appearance (look younger, more rested, etc.)
- Improved Energy
- Improved Immune System (no sickness, quick recovery, etc.)
- Improved Fitness/Muscle Mass

- Improved Physique (i.e., more toned)
- Improved Sleep
- Improved Romance/Sex Drive
- Improved Sexual Function 
- Improved Bowel Movements 
- Improved Spirituality 
- Improved Senses (smell, taste, etc.) 
- Improved Teeth (less sensitivity, whiter)
- Reduced/Eliminated Cravings for Junk Food
- Reduced/Eliminated Insulin Dependence 
- Reduced Inflammation 
- Strong Nails/Hair 

- Off Medications 
- Enjoy Cooking/Food

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