I am concerned about feeding my children a plant-based diet, any advice?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

It is the official position of the American and Canadian Dietetic Associations that a plant-based diet is suitable for all stages of life. As long as your children are eating diet with a variety of whole foods, they should get all the nutrients they need. Also note that eating animal products doesn’t mean they are any more likely to get everything they need and many of today’s kids aren’t getting all the nutrients they need because of the standard American Diet. Nevertheless, you should to have your pediatrician check just to make sure your kids are thriving and meeting their needs (though this is true for all kids, not just plant-based ones). We have a parents group on Facebook, called Herbie Parents, you might want to join. We also had a guest post by Julieanna Hever on raising plant-based kids.

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