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Recently, some friends of ours came over to spend an evening with us and throughout the course of the night, they both kept marveling at our empty apartment. "So this is how a minimalist lives" my one friend said. I looked around and responded "I actually still want to reduce." An hour or so later, the other friend remarked at how zen my home felt — like he was on vacation. "I wish my house was like this" he said. 

I thought back to our old, cluttered apartment and how all my stuff made me feel...stuffed. It feels so much better to have less. 

While I still consider our home a work in progress, here's our apartment. I'm not the perfect minimalist, but I hope you can draw some inspiration into living simply. It really makes you feel zen!

HH HQ! Mine and Scott's office. When we leave LA, I'll donate all the books I've been sent for review to the library (but I'll keep the first editions of my books on the shelf, as well as Scott's technical manuals he needs for work). The purple reading couch doubles as a guest bed. 

The kitchen. Here's a previous minimalist post on spice rack and pantry organization. 

The living room and kitchen area. We like movies. Scott likes a big TV. Pug in the picture.

Other view of the living room and dining room. The big box is my elliptical before it was unpacked. Inside the small closet next to the couch is all our sporting equipment. We keep all of our shoes in the baskets of the white dresser thing. 

The bedroom. No TV. Just reading lights. and pugs. Here's a post of minimalist closet organization. 

You can also see my recent post on my minimalist bathroom and bathroom organization.

Do you dream of a minimalist home?

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