Minimalist Monday: Breaking the Cycle

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Minimalist

I used to be the kind of person that wouldn't allow myself to deal with the emotions I was feeling- when I was feeling them. I would bottle them up and they would show their head in ways that I hadn't intended. I'd take my anger out on the wrong person, or would cry at even the simplest thing like feeling as though someone gave me a rude look.

Coming from a minimalist position, all this extra emotions being carried around really weighs you down, almost to a physical state too. It is important to distinguish between positive and negative emotions though. Positive emotions are good to carry around because they will be the ones that lift your hopes and spirits up and put that little “bounce” in your step. Negative emotions, though, are the ones that need to be dealt with when you experience them, because they will become unhealthy to carry.

One of these emotions is irritation or annoyance. I know that I've had days where I've treated other people unfairly because something in another part of my life has left me annoyed. For example, if I'm preoccupied with a work situation, I let my bad mood take over me and spread it to other people by being short, or just not generally friendly the way I know I normally am when I interact with people.

This starts a bad cycle. One upset person is rude to a person, that person becomes mad and is rude to someone, and so on and so forth. The cycle keeps going.

I find when I start feeling that irritated, annoyed or frustrated emotion, whether at home, work, out, wherever, it’s best to try to step away from the situation as much as possible.

Being able to get away from it and clearing your head helps focus your thoughts and energy on what matters. Take a walk, get away from your computer, breathe, chat with a friend for a minutes, get yourself a glass of water. Do something to snap yourself out of your mood, and to remind yourself to not take it out on another person.

Just remember that your attitude can not only change your perspective, day and outlook, it can do the exact same for someone else. So why not make that change a positive one for everyone?

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