A Visit from Forks Over Knives

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Press

A few weeks ago the Forks Over Knives team came over for dinner. You know what I love most about Happy Herbivore Recipes? I came home at 6:30, and had made/pulled together a 5-course meal in 45 minutes, with enough time to slip into the shower and put on a little makeup before my guests arrived.

My guests actually teased me when I told them how fast each dish was. "This only took you five minutes? Really? I'm not worth more than 5 minutes." Haha ;)

For starters I made HH's mock tuna (from the blog and HHC) with cucumber slices and rice crackers.

And a German spread (from HHA) also served with cucumbers and crackers.

Afterward we had a light salad - Lemony Kale (from HHA) and Thai Pineapple Curry over brown rice (also from HHA).

For dessert we had Tortuga Rum Cake (from EHH). I knew the Curry was a hit when everyone went back for seconds and of course, we all had seconds with dessert too.

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