Vegan in Miami

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Scott and I visited Miami at the end of June. We were in Miami for one of my oldest friend's weddings and I attended a vegan pot luck! Although the bride and groom are not vegan, they had a special vegan menu at the reception which we really appreciated. The bride told me prior that the vegan dish was so good she'd switched her meal to the vegan option and it didn't disappoint! The apple risotto was awesome - I'll have to find a way to recreate it.

I've been to a lot of weddings and my favorites are those that are deeply rooted in culture and tradition. I knew my friend's bride was from Venezuela and planned to have a traditional Venezuelan wedding, but aside from the ceremony being partially in Spanish (which I enjoyed) I wasn't sure what else to expect... I was blown away! The last hour of the reception is "the crazy hour" and it's aptly named!

All of a sudden the doors burst open and women in flashy LAs-Vegas-style-feather.bikini customs come out along with men on stilts in full body paint. It was mardi gras and before I could catch my breath I was covered in a mask and wearing beads, dancing with confetti flying everywhere. Top 25 moment of my life.

I tried to take pictures... but there was just too much excitement. I did snag some photos from my friend's facebook page though of the bride and groom!

The next afternoon, before I left Miami to return home, I co-hosted a potluck meetup with my dear friend LJ.Here are some pot luck pictures, you can catch more on LJ's blog.

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