HH Book Club: August's Pick

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: BookClub

Welcome back to the HH Book Club! As a reminder, we're posting comments and questions throughout the month on Goodreads, and wrapping up the book on the blog on the final Sunday of each month when we announce the next month's book.

August's pick is Getting Past No by William Ury.

Some final thoughts and comments from Herbies who read The Lean with us last month:

"I am going to have to try to share this with my mother. She thinks skim milk is the best source for calcium and "skim" because of its low fat content."-Roxanne

"I have always been a big believer in breakfast, and I agree it should be hearty! My personal approach is to eat my biggest meal in the morning, and taper off as the day approaches to the end. It's worked for me!.. however, I've been eating oatmeal with fruit for a long time and find that I get hungry (or so I think) before lunch, I'm thinking of trying a few ideas that may have more staying power with me. I like her suggestions a lot. "-Tanya

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