HH Book Club: July's Pick

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Welcome back to the HH Book Club! As a reminder, we're posting comments and questions throughout the month on Goodreads, and wrapping up the book on the blog on the final Sunday of each month when we announce the next month's book.

July's book will be The Lean by Kathy Freston.

Some final thoughts and comments from Herbies who read The Starch Solution in June.

"POTATOES, how I have missed thee, whole grain carbs were one thing, WHITE potatoes to be avoided, and oh how I missed! Since this book I've done mashed (cooked in veg broth w'garlic) or baked with some sort of cooked greens +? on top, and various spices and herbs quite a few times, and enjoyed each more than the last!"- Karen

"I've always been a potato fan. All of the diets that talk about starches being awful always turned me away, or at least after a week or so they did. I always went back to my beloved potatoes. The second I found out otherwise I got a bag of potatoes. In fact, I had mashed potatoes (obviously no butter or oil) with broccoli and a tomato for lunch today. It was delicious, filling, simple and I don't feel guilty for it at all. In fact, I feel great about myself!"- Carolyn

"I learned that some things should be in the NEVER category."- Susan

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