HH Book Club - Keep it Simple, Keep it Whole (week 3)

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Welcome back to the HH online book club! This month we've been reading Keep it Simple, Keep it Whole: Your Guide to Optimum Health by Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman.

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This Week's Thought Questions (based on chapters 7-10 ):

1. Where do you think you are on the continuum (where you ever somewhere else?)? Where do you want to reach? 75%? 90%? 100%?

2. What's your opinion of soy, after reading chapter 9? Did your thoughts change?

3. Were you surprised to learn that "populations that consume more dairy products are MORE prone to bone fractures"? What surprised you most about milk/dairy in chapter 10?

Please leave your comments below or at Goodreads, where you can see and comment on last week's questions as well.

Also, if you want to buy/order next months book, we will be reading The Starch Solution by John and Mary McDougall.

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