Another Vegan Taste of Boston

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Last weekend I returned to Boston to for my 5-year law school reunion.

On Saturday, I met with Boston-area Herbies at Grasshopper, which was my favorite veg restaurant when I lived in Boston (and I think maybe the only one!).

I ordered my favorite: Grasshopper Supreme while Scott ordered the restaurant's most famous dish: No Name

On Sunday, Scott & I met up with our good friends Tracy & Ritche and we went to Life Alive for lunch, which was outstanding. I love that Boston has a vegan restaurant with a healthy agenda!

For dinner we went to Veggie Galaxy. I ordered a few sides to try everything: seitan chorizo, a biscuit and then chard on top of mashed potatoes (the waitress suggested it). No one at the table cared for the chorizo (it was bland) and I didn't love the biscuit (but Scott did) however I really enjoyed the chard and mashed potatoes.

My friend Tracy ordered their vegan mac and cheese and she said "omg! you have to try this. It tastes just like your baked mac in HHC" and I swear, it really did.

They also had some pretty awesome-looking desserts, but after all that food, I couldn't eat on.

I also was beyond thrilled to see vegan hot dogs, vegan burgers, hummus and fruit cups sold in Fenway Park. Times really are changing!

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