An Update from Mexico

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Just a quick update from Mexico!

The fruit here is really quite fantastic. I've been gorging myself on papaya and these mangoes on a stick!

Through twitter I met Mariawho operates a vegan bakeryhere in Puerto Vallarta. She sells vegan cookies, breads and other treats (including gluten-free!) at the Saturday Farmer's Market. Of course Saturday was the ONE day Courtney and I made plans to do something other than relax by the beach and I was crushed that I'd miss out trying some of her goodies...

Thankfully, the zip line canopy tour took less time than we thought and I ran (yes, actually ran - sprinted!) from the bus stop to the market. I caught the tail end of the Farmer's Market and was able to meet Maria's husband who so graciously gave me some of her peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

(I'm hoping to have dinner with Maria and her husband this week too!)

I love drinking out of a coconut and bought this gigantic one for my sister since she's never had the experience before. It's as big and heavy as it looks, but really refreshing!

I'm saving pictures of our meals at restaurants for another post -- a vegan taste of puerto vallarta! but in the mean time, here is my new favorite food:

baked potato with lime juice and pico. (You could also add guac):

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