Minimalist Monday: Write Yourself a Note

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I'm the kind of person that holds a highlighter when she's reading a book (and thanks to Kindle having a highlight feature built in I can now do this in a less embarrassing way!)

someone writing a note while looking at a laptop

I also jot things down that either come to me on my own (I love a good epiphany) or I hear (maybe a character in a TV show said something profound or that I liked) and because I'm quick to write it down as soon as I hear it, I'll write it on anything. That means my notes end up on receipts, on pizza boxes, along the white space of a magazine article and so on. I then tear it off and stick the note somewhere, always intending to remember I shoved it there, but I never do.

The most common place these notes end up is lost under the mess of papers on my desk (I know, my inner minimalist is screaming too) or slipped into a book. However, I've also found them at the bottom of my purse, crumbled into a pocket, in the door of my car, under my couch and in the fridge (don't ask). 

The great part of this is that I find the notes many months later, long after I've forgotten about the note or what it said. And almost every time I find one of these notes, it's exactly what I needed to hear.

I like to think I'm psychic.

cursive writing on paper

Anyway, I encourage you to write a note to yourself (I'll leave a few of mine below for ideas) and since this is also minimalist monday, clean your desk.

Note ideas:

  • It doesn't matter when, just that you do.
  • Who I am makes a difference.
  • It's about progress not perfection.
  • Smile.

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