My Adventures in LA

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

I had some downtime yesterday while in LA, and was able to spend it with my best friend, Jim. He just moved there this month, so I thought I'd show him - and you - a few of the hot food spots.

Vegan Glory is a must, and we couldn't pass up their Vegan Thai Iced Tea and "Beef" Tacos. My parents liked those tacos so much when I took them there a few years ago they went 3 days in a row.

We also went to one of my fave places: Swinger's. I ordered my favorite dish: Tofu Chilaquiles. It was filling but I couldn't resist ordering a multigrain vegan pancake. They even put bananas in it for me!!

Finally we stopped for the frozato from Hugo's, which was across from my old lawyer office. It was almost surreal being back there. It feels like a lifetime ago that I lived there.

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