HH LA Meetup

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I feel like I'm traveling non-stop these past few weeks - and I love it! I arrived in LA yesterday morning, and I am traveling again today to San Diego.

I got to stop by the Forks Over Knives office for lunch - they even had both HHC and EHH!

And lunch was good

Last night was the meetup and book signing in LA at Veggie Grill where I met 3 generations of Herbies!

I had the Buffalo Wing Salad - I couldn't even eat the wings because they were too spicy for me! Jim had a sandwich with a side of kale, that was so good I ordered a side for myself as well.

A Herbie even treated us to pudding for dessert.

I will be in San Diego at the Great American Meat-Out Celebration tomorrow, March 18th, from 1-3pm.

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