Happy Herbivore Necklace Update

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: News

Dear Herbies, I am sorry to report that some of the necklaces we mailed were not 100% sterling silver as advertised. It was an error made at the factory, with some necklaces being silver plated rather than sterling silver.

We will be replacing defective necklaces until the March 31, 2012.

Because this is a charitable project, we ask that only defective necklaces be returned. If your necklace has turned pink or green from wear, it is plated.

Please note that all silver jewelry will tarnish, turning gold or black. To clean your necklace, use a silver polishing cloth, or rub it with toothpaste, rinse and pat dry. All sterling silver jewelry will tarnish with wear, so you will need to clean it regularly. 

You should have received an email over the weekend with the address to mail the defective necklaces to, if you have changed your email address since buying a necklace, please email courtney[at]happyherbivore[dot]com.  

Please make sure your return address is legible so we can mail a replacement back to you. We will only accept necklaces for replacement until March 31, 2012. The designer will not be able to provide replacements after then.

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