Minimalist Monday: Complaining is not a Conversation

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Minimalist

Minimalist Monday? Wait! Isn't today Tuesday?!? Oh, no! Last week I lost an hour and this week I've already lost a day! Why does this always happen to me?

I've written before about how complaining is not a conversation. Now, let me start out by saying I'm not perfect. I gripe and complain, too, but I'm really working on it... and as of late, I've become more aware of what I'm putting out into the virtual universe.

I noticed a friend of mine, nearly every tweet, facebook status, etc was a complaint. I unfollowed her (and felt really bad about it!) but negativity is hungry and infectious. It leaches on to anyone it can.

Afterward, I started browsing my feed and noticed that the bulk of tweets and updates were complaints or negative in nature. I wondered why there weren't more positive tweets... Where were the compliments? Where were the praise feeds?

I know we can't be happy every moment of every day, but aren't we happy most of the day or at least once a day? Shouldn't we celebrate that? Why is it so much easier and more common to speak up when it's bad? 

I know that most of my friends and those I follow are happy people, and live happy lives, but their twitter stream made it sound like their life was gloomy.

I immediately became conscious of my own output and made a point to tweet more positively --- and not complain unless it was absolutely necessary or served some other purpose. It’s a work in progress but I’ve caught myself from tweeting complaints 5x this week already.

Do me a favor: Take a look at your twitter stream, or facebook stream -- or even the things you've said in passing to friends and coworkers -- has it been mostly positive? mostly negative? an even 50/50?

Should we initiate an operation positive? Bring back "Don't worry, be happy"?

Part of my journey with minimalism is to find more happiness -- and with negative thoughts and negativity in general, less is definitely more.


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