HH Book Club - The Pleasure Trap (week 3)

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Welcome back to the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Book Club, where we've teamed up with my friends at Engine 2 for an online virtual book club. 

The book we've been reading this month is The Pleasure Trap by Doug Lisle. We have had some great discussions so far from our previous thought questions, you can check them all out here at Goodreads.

This Week's Thought Questions:

1. There is pleasure seeking and pain avoidance in producing hunger, but is there also a conservation of energy?

2. Do you agree that portion control & size is irrelevant and that portion content is what matters?

3. Why do we tell our children not to give into peer pressure regarding drugs, but then we do it to them with food?

Please leave your thoughts below or join the discussion at Goodreads.

Also, for April we will be reading another one of my favorite books,  Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink.

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