Your Recipe in My Next Cookbook

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Dream to be published? Here's your chance! I'll be including a few fan recipes from Herbies in my next cookbook!

If you have a Happy Herbivore-approved recipe (no fat, no oil, everyday wholesome ingredients) submit it!

There are a few requirements, first it needs to be an original recipe (not adapted from someone else) and you will need to print and sign the release form (email a photo of the signed form as an attachment with your recipe submission). 

You may also send a picture of your dish, if you have one.

All submissions must be sent in by midnight, Sunday, Jan 15.

If you have a blog, twitter or facebook account and would like that to be in my book with your recipe, please include it in the email also. 

You can send multiple recipes in, but each recipe/photos of the food will need their own release form. 

Send all recipe and photo submissions with a picture of the signed release formto submit[at]happyherbivore[dot]com. 

Any submissions without the signed release form attached will not be considered (sorry!!). 

The photo of the signed waiver must be attached to the recipe submission.

 All recipes submitted will be considered but regrettably, we can only select a few. If your recipe is selected, you will be notified by email.

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